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10th Minifestival 2016 - registration open!

It’s an international cozy event with 40-60 participant with the main idea - to create the space for gathering and connecting contact dancers and teachers from neighborhood around Lithuania and Baltics.

On 18-20th of November welcome to our beautiful capital Vilnius!

We will have a nice long week-end full of improvisations, contact dances, performances, jams, live music, spontaneity and happiness.

This year we will continue with classes and explorations together. So be ready for rich classes, study labs and Jams! We are sure that our young CI communities are ready to discover and explore new ways in learning together. At this festival we are going to invite some experienced CI and performance teachers and dancers who will share their experience in the classes and help us to facilitate the study labs.

Come to meet, share and support, inspire and enjoy (contact, improvisation, performance, neighbours, new people, unknown, ideas).

Join us in creating this wonderful experience together!

You can check Info and Schedule, more is coming soon…

Registration is open!

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