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After minifestival 2010

Minifestival has happened!

Thank you all participants and teachers for all dances, smiles, laughter and warmth!
Thank you all helpers, who made it real, true and inviting for others!
Thank you musician Tomas for a beautiful involvement of the dancers into the music!

We were lucky and happy to be so international this year again! We had half of participants from ”brother” countries - Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus! In general about 45 participants, with 4 of them - teachers.

Soon we will have all photos form the event here. Check the album time from time, cause there will be additions!

And yes, we are really looking forward to dance with you again at the 5th Vilnius CI & Performance Minifestival! The dates as usually are on the next-to-last weekend of November, so 18-20th in 2011!

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