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Minifestival time: 2016 November 18-20

Fee for participation: with an early submission of registration form (see below) and a deposit of 10 EUR paid
by 24th of October - 50 €,
by 7th of November - 60 €,
later - 70 € (or anytime if you want to be a supporter of our festival or help someone, who cannot afford to participate!)

10% discount for students, family/couple
20% discount for participants of previous Minifestivals!
(discounts are not summed)

Venue: in the city center, will be announced later.

Lodging: We will try to organize sleeping in our homes, so bring your own sleeping bags!

Food: We will provide only water and some snacks. There will be longer breaks for “hunting” in the supermarket, making a picnic in the studio or going to eat in a cafe.

Travel tips: You can get a cheap flight (Air Baltic, Ryanair…) to Vilnius or Kaunas (2,5 h by bus from Vilnius) or many cheap bus tickets (SimpleExpress, Luxexpress, Ecolines) directly to Vilnius, if you buy in advance. You can also take a boat to Klaipeda (from Germany, Sweden, Poland), or take a flight or boat to Riga (Latvia) and then take a bus to Vilnius (approx. 5-6 hours). There are also train options from some countries.

Willing to come? Great! Register here!

Please, help us to spread the word and support our small, but sincere steps into contact world!

We hope to dance with you soon!

Contact information:
+4915780269288, +370 613 57997 (Julija)
improv_lt (at)

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