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Teachers & Schedule 2012

Iwona Olszowkska (Poland)

Founder, artistic director and choreographer of the Experimental Dance Studio EST in Kraków, Poland. Dancer, performer, improviser, teacher of contemporary dance technique, improvisation, contact improvisation, body awareness with influence of Body Mind Centering.
Iwona got dance training in: classes of Alabama, George Mason and Calgary Universities, dance studios in New York (Movement Research, Dance Space, Limon Studio), Prague’s Duncan Center. She took workshops of different modern and contemporary techniques, improvisation, contact improvisation, Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, BMC, Laban, Bartinieff, skinner release, butoh. At the moment she is in program of Somatic Educator in BMC.
Iwona had contact improvisation training with: A. Harwood, P. Bingham, R. Chung, Ch. Aiken, E. Muller, J. Hassman, D. Lepkof, M. Kozanek, Ka Rastler, S. Bats and others.
She has been working cooperatively with American teachers and choreographers: L. Caldwell, K. Studd, M. Withers, M. Monteros, J. Alter, R. Jaroslow, L. Lerman, L. Neirinck, J. Lagee. She showed her solo work in Poland Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Moldavia, and Czech Republic.
Her choreographies were awarded on dance festivals in Poland. In 1997 she was awarded Merit Cross for pedagogy work. In 1998 she got ArtsLink scholarship founded by Soros Foundation for 6 weeks residency in New York. In 1999 she got an award for developing own style and stage personality received by International Festival of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz.

Recent interests in CI/performance/dance: staying present, sences, beeing aware, tasting details, taking care

Masha Grudskaya
Has been dancing CI since 2003, teaching in Moscow, other cities of Russia and abroad. Masha is one of the organizers of Moscow Contact Festival. Also, she explores dance improvisation in
performance, with musicians and artists. Masha is a student of Integrative Bodywork and Dance Therapy Program (BMC, Authentic Movement, Somatic Psychology) with Linda Hartley.

Some of her interests in CI now: activation of feet, spiraling from feet, dancing “on one foot” (so the other foot is free to spiral/reach/touch);
vision in CI dance, peripheral vision and what qualities it brings to body and mind;
observing the dance: how I observe, what I see, what inspiration/ideas/states I get, how I take the echo from observation to my own dance or lab.

Rostislav Chikalski (Estonia)

Was born and grew up in Estonia, but all roots are from Ukraine.
From the age of 7 dealing with different types of dances and body development (dancing-theater studio, brake-dance, oriental dances and Contact Improvisation). Also, quite a lot of experience and understanding of the body and movement gave me Ancient-Russian martial art, rock-climbing, circus tricks and playing drums. Dancing CI from 2009 and giving lessons from 2011.
For me CI is a way of deep genuine communication with myself and a person beside me.Often you can’t reach this level of communication, but body helps to do it. And I love it.

Recent interests: at this moment I study all the elements (water, fire, air and earth). It creates the inner play with images and feelings while dancing. It’s interesting to observe, how they converse from one to another and what is on the border, how do they communicate…


November 23, Friday

14:00-16:00 Teachers’ meeting
17:00-17:40 Registration of participants
17:40-18:00 Opening circle
18:00-20:30 Study Labs
20:30-23:00 JAM

November 24, Saturday

10:00-10:30 Morning circle
10:30-13:00 Study Labs
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)
14:30-17:00 Study labs
Dinner break (17:00-19:00)
19:00-20:00 Performances
20:00-23:00 Open JAM with live music!

November 25, Sunday

10:30-13:00 Study labs
Lunch break (13:00-14:00)
14:00-17:00 Closing circle & JAM
17:00-18:00 Cleaning & goodbye party!

Small changes are possible!

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