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Teachers & Schedule 2013

This year we will have 2 -4 teachers and lab facilitators.
We will focus on labbing - developing capability of studying and labbing together, using the impulses from the classes or personal interests.

More information coming soon!

Teachers and lab facilitators:

Alex Postnikov (Ukraine)
I got into Contact Improvisation 8 or 9 years ago, can’t tell more precisely, from aikido and yoga. And from that point I never left. Because I don’t know any other practice that calls my total immersion and awareness, and gives so much pleasure, interest and discoveries. My personal focus of attention in contact is opening new possibilities of attention and creation of new options for self-expression, body development and movement. My dearest teachers in CI are Benno Voorham, Ruslan Santah, Ray Chung, Mirva Makinen, Karl Frost, Steve Batts, Eszter Gal.
I’ve started teaching classes from 2009. Gradually my interest shifted from my own body to the interactions in a duet, and then mostly to performance. To the situation when we all balance lots of attentions, interests, spaces. And the investigation of body became the investigation of the world with my body. Starting from 2009, I am an organizer and art-director of Kiev festival of Contact Improvisation. For the last 3 years I’ve started doing argentinian tango and the combination of contact and tango - contactango.

My current interest is in soft movement, connected by breathing with the whole space and with inner state. And in performance I’m a lot interested in making clear but unexpected decisions - improvisation itself. In a story that starts from body, and something that can’t be said in words - but is understood by people.

Michael Kaminski (Belarus)
Associate Professor at the department of choreography and theatre creativity of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. Actor drama theater and cinema, choreographer. Laureate of international dance festivals in the category pop dance. Author of articles and training programmes on the skill of the actor, mime, stage movement, staging of dance in the performance of related arts. Michael explores and teaches the basics of scenic improvisation (performance) in the review of techniques of contact, plastic, dance, theatre improvisation, methods of interaction with a partner, with the subject, as well as the use of special skills (unarmed stage combat and fencing).

Recent interests: «I will explore ways to create a theatrical reality and meaningful existence in it. That is - in unity with the flow of my thoughts, with the movements of my body, with my feelings/emotions, and taking into account the response of my partner. Improvisation is like a painting. The artist takes a pencil and paper. After some time, the descended on the artist’s inspiration in the capable hands becomes “unexpectedly joy”, “last meeting”, “inexcusable truth”… You can spice up the visual arts - drawing, painting, sculpture… You can spice up the sounds - music, song, sound of the wind or the clatter of heels… You can liven up a space - a ladder, a flashlight, a grand piano… Without saying a word with a partner, to absorb images, emotions, style - and do not play his own imagination, but to live. And you can spice up your thoughts, fears, desires… and see who you are.»

Inese Auzine (Latvia)
Inese (BA in Culturology, MA in Art Event Management, pending BA in Physiotherapy) has been practising and ocassionally performing contact improvisation and dance improvisation for about ten years. Her physical work is much influenced by her previous passionate involvement in contemporary dance, study of martial arts (primarily aikido), interest in release techniques and some knowledge of physiotherapy. In Riga Inese teaches dance both to adults (Hicentrs) and children (International School of children). She is thankful to various teachers who helped her to develop her dance style, such as Nancy Stark Smith, Mons Erlandson, Ilze Zirina, Adrian Russi, Ray Chung and many others.

Current interest in CI: Body awarness over the knowledge of techniques; unity of the whole body with focuse on power of breathing, sustenance of spine flexibility, muscle release. Dance in between of “accept” and “reject”, no preparation, no intention. Development of autonomous dances instead of sticking to certain forms and copies, search of own expression and self in dance.

Lina Pavalkytė (Lithuania)

For me CI is (and always was) a very special tool to communicate with other people, to share the feeling of the moment and to explore. You come, you touch, you start to move - and everything changes. No words needed - just observe and feel the change which happens in your body, in your mind and in the space around you!

November 29, Friday

14:00-16:00 Teachers’ meeting
17:00-17:40 Registration of participants
17:40-18:00 Opening circle
18:00-20:30 Class
20:30-23:00 JAM

November 30, Saturday

10:00-10:30 Morning circle
10:30-13:00 Class
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)
14:30-17:00 Study labs
Dinner break (17:00-19:00)
19:00-20:00 Performances
20:00-23:00 Open JAM with live music!

December 1, Sunday

10:30-13:00 Study labs
Lunch break (13:00-14:00)
14:00-17:00 Closing circle & JAM
17:00-18:00 Cleaning & goodbye party!

Small changes are possible!

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