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This class is about tuning in into our senses, re-membering our early movements, revisiting our structures and rediscovering primary connections in the body. And how all these can inform us, touch us and move us and, so, support our dance - be it in solo, duet, trio or a group.
To get the juice of your moving self we will play with some ideas of the embryological development of the human body and explore them through movement and bodywork. We’ll experiment with how that opening of the doors into the inner&outer layers and spaces can help to unfold your journey in the contact dance.

Anna Panster - mover, dancer, teacher, somatic movement practitioner and mother, based in Krakow, Poland. I’m passionate about dance improvisation and somatics, and I am always fascinated to witness how getting into contact with ourselves in our bodies brings us back to our roots, souls and the Earth. I have done it through my movement practice and also studies of Integrative Dance Movement therapy, Process Work, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement. I’ve been learning and dancing contact improvisation since 2008. The dance form itself and the CI community (especially in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I used to live) taught me a lot. And I gratefully keep teaching back being deeply inspired and supported by my experience.
Language and dance always fascinated me as two different forms of communication that have a lot in common. For the past few years I have been interested in how dance can be influenced by language and by the ways we talk to each other. At this workshop we will play with what it means to agree and disagree in a duet, to talk over each other, to listen and interrupt, making our dance conversation more interesting and rich.

Elena Jacinta: ,,I’m a dancer and choreographer based in Latvia, but I also work as a translator and a language teacher. I have studied dance in London, UK, eventually getting my Master’s in choreography and performance from the University of Roehampton, while simultaneously performing in other choreographers’ projects, as well as creating my own work. My classes are inspired by contemporary dance, Gaga movement language and contact improvisation, while this particular workshop draws on the ideas from my most recent dance work “Wordless” that has been staged in Riga, Latvia this September.”

Breath comes when i am in pain, when i am in anxiety, when i am in movement, when i am in joy, when i am dancing, when i am thinking; to make me feel calm, to assure me i am alive, it proves my existence as living being, and that i am not alone, because it will accompany me through this journey.
Breathing shall be the motor of my exercise. I am obsessed with making intelligent movements, to search for pathways, the best positioning, my next moves, my next leap, my next lift, my next spiral. While i am doing all this, thinking in my mind of choosing, breathing comes in to the rescue, and makes sure i just follow my body’s instincts, to listen,and asks me to give up the dominion of the mind to my senses, to follow more my heart and guts.
Through an active meditation to loosen the body from the mind, and allowing the body to have its own voice, i would like to propose my research on how to autonomously take decisions, and follow through with the decision by assuming the risk i have taken within my body and mind limitations.
I would introduce the mindset of a game maker and the definitions and communication of this game called contact improvisation. A game that evolves and changes depending on each and every player’s choices, time and space.
What feedback i receive, do i consider these feedbacks? How many players? Which side am i? What do i want to learn through this game? Do i want to just enjoy the game? Do i want to win? Do i want to share? Do i like this game? Do i want to contribute? Where are my limits and boundaries? Do i want to stop?
The premise of this workshop is a simple walk-through of my experience and approach in dancing contact improvisation tackling questions in technique/finesse, playing games, pleasure enjoyment and my judgement.

Chin Pang Ling:
,,I am a perfectionist by nature in the activities i enjoy. I started contact improvisation around 2009-2010 going to many festivals and workshops like the rest of mortal contact players. Through contact improvisation, i found interest in classic and modern dance techniques.
I have met many teachers along the road who have taught me the importance of living lightly and steady. To be honest and take things as they are. To travel and learn. To confront fear and advance. Be diverse and wild. I am connected with beauty in the arts.

I have taught CI in several workshops and festivals of small format in Spain.
Recently, I have created with my friends, Cercanias Contact Festival in North of Spain, a similar concept with Vilnius contact festival- a friendly and close local mini festival with the touch of grandma cooking delight.

And Judit Keri is joining us again this year! :)

Judit Kéri is a Hungarian dancer, performer, choreographer and director, as well as an experienced English- and German-speaking dance, yoga and meditation teacher, BMC/IDME® practitioner and Theta Healing® consultant. She finished her education in Hungary and studied in a number of major European cities (a.o. Amsterdam: SNDO) with many renowned teachers and performers of contemporary and new dance technique, improvisation, contact improvisation, composition, somatic practices, and self discovery.
She presented her work throughout Europe, Israel, North and South America, Russia, India and Australia. After living in Canada and in the USA, since 2007 she is based in Vienna, Austria, where she is part of “ttp”, a performing arts collective. She coorganized and performed in the Festival “KOISK59″ and her work was shown a. o.: at the Wiener Festwochen; in the Festival Regionale; with ORF Graz, at Hundsturm/Volkstheater, at Off Theater and at the European Forum Alpbach. She taught a. o.: at ImPulsTanz, TQW Wien, SEAD Salzburg, Medical University Vienna.
She taught, performed and facilitated contact improvisation a. o. at: Earthdance USA; CI Festival Freiburg; Easterimprofestival, Göttingen; CI Festival Israel; Kontakt Budapest, CI Festival Goa, Zip Festival, Italy; & in Austria, France, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Russia.
At the ECITE (EuropeanContactImprovisationTeacherExchange): Budapest, Scotland, Ibiza, Germany, France and at the Nordic Impro Meeting in Finnland.
She is the founder and the leader of the Art Association Ti22, of Keri Productions and of The Royal Orchestra and the Last Minute Company in Vienna and she is a member of L1 Art Association in Budapest.

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