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Minifestival 2009!

Vilnius CI & Performance Minifestival

2009 November 20-22

We are happy to invite you to the 3-rd Contact Improvisation and Performance Minifestival in Vilnius, Lithuania!

From the beginning this festival had an idea: to gather, make a connection and communicate with contact dancers and teachers from neighbour countries, especially the ones we’ve never met or heard about. Last year it worked out perfectly (60 people from 7 different countries and 12 cities), check out some photos! We are looking for a new meeting again this year!

We invite contact teachers from region countries to meet and share their interests and experience in contact improvisation and performance with festival participants. We invite you to participate! Come to meet, share and support, inspire and enjoy (contact, improvisation, performance, neighbours, new people, unknown, ideas).

We will have a nice week-end full of improvisation, contact dance, performance, jams, spontaneity and happiness.

We want you to meet us and we want to meet you!

Workshops with Aleksandra Ścibor (Poland), Maria Grudskaya (Russia), Ville Johansson (Finland), Julija Melnik and Tadas Leončikas (Lithuania).

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