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Workshop descriptions

Being centred

On this class we will study the sensation and state of mind and body which is useful in practise of contact improvisation.
The state is: What it is being centred physically, emotionally and energetically?
We will practice this through simple and easy partner practices to find out our own and shared centre of gravity and centre of spine line. What it is to be centred with your self, with your movement, with your partners and with the existing moment? We will guide this question into practise of dance, life, exploration and joyful improvisation!
The aim of class would be having an experience of being centred physically, emotionally and energetically well.

Workshop time: 21st 18:30-20:30

Petri Taipale has been working as an actor and contact improvisation teacher. He earns his living as a working man on construction site. Petri is practising Contact Improvisation since 2000. He has been teaching contact six years and last three once a week. And still he doesn’t know what CI actually is. That makes him moving on.

Non-contact contact

Non-contact contact – it is a contact with Yourself by knowing the limits of your physical body, invisible subtle Limits which we come across with Others, by which we feel separated and at the same time in community with environment, nature, people, things…all the world around us.
By knowing ourselves – by extending or constricting our limits, by opening or closing, by accepting or rejecting…we are making a contact as well – not with physical body (touch), but with your subtle body – more sensing and listening to our own body, emotional and spiritual experiences.
The more we know ourselves the easier, the deeper, more simple, more interesting…we can be in a contact with the Other.
So this process of dance motion for sensing – “I am I and you are You” – is in order to go into the contact so that we can create Something in common – beautiful and creative.
It is as a prelude to the Contact Improvisation.
During the workshop we will dance on our own sensing a common space, other people, we will improvise with things by using dance and movement therapy method.

Workshopo time: 22nd 10:30-13:00

Ramune Trunce. Director, gestalt therapy consultant, dance and movement therapy trainer, psychological consultant of reality show.
In 2005 she has graduated from five-year post-diploma studies of Gestalt method teaching programe in Kaunas Gestalt Study Center, and in 2007 she obtained integrated dance and movement psychology study diploma in Moscow Integral Psychology Institute. Ramune has been leading personal growth groupes (by using Gestalt working methods) for seven years.
From 2006 she is conducting dance and motion therapy classes and seminars. “Today my activity is “Patyrimo ratas” which involves Dance, Theater and Circle of Experience that is psychology + dance, theater, meditations and other creative self-realization directions which motivate me and everybody to live creatively and create our own life”.

Courrage and challenge

Ruben will introduce some little tricks from his acrobatic lesson. :)

Workshopo time: 22nd 14:00-16:00

Ruben Roos graduated Viljandi Culture College in 2003 and since 2002 he works as a dance teacher in Tartu and in other places located near Tartu Mainly he is teaching creative dance, but also improvisational dance and contact improvisation. He is organizing Jam’s and Dance Fest “MOMENTUM” in Alatskivi.
Ruben’s contact teacher was Raido Mägi, and guides were Sybrig Dokter, Joerg Hassmann and other great teachers from ECITE 2005 in Viljandi.

Apporoach to contact improvisation from BMC view influence

Finding a good tuning for contact through breath, bones, and organs connections.
Choices of touch of different systems of the body as a play to contact dialog: skin-touch, bone-touch, muscle-touch.
Bones, breath and organs support for organic movement and partnering.
Levering bones, bones structure-bones support for leading, weight taking.
Joints connections as transfer of information through the partner body.

Workshop time: 22nd 18:00-20:00

Iwona Olszowkska. Founder, artistic director and choreographer of the Experimental Dance Studio EST in Kraków, Poland. Dancer, performer, improviser, teacher of contemporary dance technique, improvisation, contact improvisation, body awareness with influence of Body Mind Centering.
Iwona got dance training in: classes of Alabama, George Mason and Calgary Universities, dance studios in New York (Movement Research, Dance Space, Limon Studio), Prague’s Duncan Center. She took workshops of different modern and contemporary techniques, improvisation, contact improvisation, Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, BMC, Laban, Bartinieff, skinner release, butoh. At the moment she is in program of Somatic Educator in BMC.
Iwona had contact improvisation training with: A. Harwood, P. Bingham, R. Chung, Ch. Aiken, E. Muller, J. Hassman, D. Lepkof, M. Kozanek, Ka Rastler, S. Bats and others.
She has been working cooperatively with American teachers and choreographers: L. Caldwell, K. Studd, M. Withers, M. Monteros, J. Alter, R. Jaroslow, L. Lerman, L. Neirinck, J. Lagee. She showed her solo work in Poland Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Moldavia, and Czech Republic.
Her choreographies were awarded on dance festivals in Poland. In 1997 she was awarded Merit Cross for pedagogy work. In 1998 she got ArtsLink scholarship founded by Soros Foundation for 6 weeks residency in New York. In 1999 she got an award for developing own style and stage personality received by International Festival of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz.

Small point of contact.

Working with directions out from our body by isolating them and making them precise we will get a deeper view of our body and its limits and possibilities according to what happens when we move and what directions our body parts take.
Working with some tools from Physic Theatre I want to make our own and others physical and impulsive directions in the dance more clear and visible.
Through this exercises I often have the experience of being a sphere and in that sphere-like state travelling throw space becomes different from being an upright human being.

Workshop time: 23rd 10:30-13:00

Johan Nilsson. Stockholm. Forrest.
Educated gardener living by the soil, fire, music and movement.
Have been dancing contact improvisation for about 4 years and have a past in improvisational rhythmical music, dancing with fire and environmental philosophy.
Is dancing and teaching CI in Sweden. Is part of running a weekly CI-Jam and a weekend Winter Jam in Järna.

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